Why Shouldn’t I Simply Replace My Cabinets?

Our Riverside Team Does Cabinet Refacing Right

The Built by Design Cabinets team understands you have a choice when it comes to updating the cabinets in your kitchen or bath, so we’d like you to know that getting a fresh look by having your cabinets refaced is often a better option than cabinet replacement. Refaced cabinets can transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom—and you’ll be even more impressed when you discover the low cost and minimal trouble involved in the entire process.

An affordable option

Perhaps you’re so used to hearing about sky-high prices for home improvement projects that you simply don’t believe how affordable a cabinet refacing project can be. But it’s true: Getting your cabinets refaced will cost a fraction of what it takes to do a full cabinet replacement.

Low cabinet refacing costs mean you can completely change the look of your cabinets—adding in different woods or laminates, accessories, and beyond—without breaking the bank. The price of refacing your cabinet doors will vary depending on the materials you select, but on average, it should be a third to half as expensive as a full cabinet replacement. And the end results will be just as impressive!

An efficient, convenient process

Did you know that most cabinet refacing projects can be fully completed in a few days or a week at most? Compare that timeline to the several weeks or months required for a full replacement of your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, which involves stripping out your cabinet boxes and having newly purchased cabinets installed. Consider your options: Would you like to go without the use of your bathroom or kitchen for an extended period? Or would you prefer to give up full use of your kitchen or bathroom for just a few short days?

The pluses of cabinet refacing don’t stop at the shorter timeline. If you were replacing your kitchen cabinets, you’d have to empty out every single cabinet shelf and drawer, and then find someplace to store your pantry staples, dishes, and flatware. But if you choose to reface your cabinet doors, you’ll be able to leave almost all your kitchen or bathroom items in place. Plus, you won’t be dealing with the debris and dust that results from tearing out existing cabinets.

An eco-friendly choice

Besides being a fast and efficient process that will save you money, cabinet refacing is better for the environment. Why should you add to our already overflowing landfills by throwing out your perfectly good cabinet boxes when you can make your cabinets look fantastic with refaced doors?

In fact, cabinet boxes from a few decades earlier may be sturdier and better built than much of what’s on offer in today’s market—meaning that by refacing cabinet doors, you’ll end up with a higher quality result. And remember, with refacing, you have an almost unlimited range of style options to choose from. Plus, you can completely update your kitchen hardware as part of your cabinet refacing project.

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