Overlay Countertops

Riverside’s Countertop Overlay Specialists

Imagine completely redesigning the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom countertops within one to two days? It’s possible with our signature granite and quartz overlay options. We finely shape our natural stone counters to ¼-inch thickness and install them as overlays to your existing counters. That’s right. No demolition, no mess, no hassle. Our stone overlays are made from the same quality materials as our full counter materials and last just as long. We’ll explain the entire process to you and offer a wide variety of overlay styles and colors to choose from. Get more for your money with quality stone overlays from Built by Design Cabinets—we’re Riverside, CA’s, leading countertop service.

Quality natural stone counters in less time

Typically, a natural stone remodel of your counters can take up to two weeks from initial design and measurements to final finish work. This involves demolishing and removing your old counters, shaping and fabricating your new stone materials, installing them, and reinstalling your plumbing fixtures, sinks, and other needed kitchen accessories. With our state-of-the-art granite and quartz overlays, however, you avoid the demolition and plumbing installations entirely. These polished stones are manufactured to be¼-inch thick, but offer the same great durability, look, and protection that our full counters do. We can fabricate and install them within a couple of days and use a special protective polymer, so you’ll never have to reseal them. When you want an affordable, maintenance-free way to upgrade your kitchen countertops, there’s no better choice than natural stone overlays from Built by Design Cabinets.

Our signature design and installation process

Up until recently, kitchen remodeling was a lengthy process. Built by Design Cabinets now offers easy solutions by providing quality natural stone overlays that are affordable, durable, and look amazing. When you visit our showroom in Riverside, CA, we’ll listen to your needs and offer you a wide range of natural stone options. Once you’ve decided on a selection, one of our representatives will come to your home and take comprehensive measurements of your counters. We’ll then expertly shape and polish our stone materials to fit perfectly in your home. Our installation team will arrive on time, as expected, and attach the new ¼-inch overlays to your counters using a special double epoxy method that will last a lifetime. We’ll make any final adjustments, and within a couple of days, you’ll see a stunning transformation in your kitchen. We stand behind all of our work and we’re happy to answer any question you may have. Contact us today.

Hassle-free countertop transformations

Have you tried living without your kitchen countertops for two weeks? That’s what you can expect when you remodel with other contractors. But when you call Built by Design Cabinets, we make the entire installation process quick and hassle-free. We offer state-of-the-art natural stone overlays that are sealed onto your current countertops without any messy demolition. This process drastically reduces the time it takes to renovate your kitchen counters without compromising on quality. Our overlay materials have the same heat and scratch resistance as our full counters, and they come in a wide variety of colors, veining, and shades. Don’t spend weeks without the use of your kitchen! Get the remodeling done quickly and affordably with Built by Design Cabinets. We’re Riverside, CA’s, finest countertop contractors.

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