Cabinet Refacing FAQs in Riverside, CA

Most people think the only way to update their cabinetry is to invest in costly and time-consuming replacements, but this is far from the truth. In reality, cabinet refacing is a less costly, less wasteful, and quicker option. With Built by Design, cabinet refacing has never been easier. Check out the FAQs below to learn more about the cabinet refacing process.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is an upgrade to your existing cabinet boxes. The process involves removing the doors, hardware, and drawer fronts from your existing cabinets, refacing the boxes with veneer, and replacing the doors and drawers with new products.

What is the veneer made from?

The veneer that is applied to the existing boxes is a thin layer of 100% real wood skin.

Why shouldn’t I simply replace my cabinets?

Refacing your cabinets can save you 40-50% on average, compared to the cost of entirely replacing your cabinets. In addition, refacing creates less waste and will allow your project to be completed weeks, handily before a full renovation would normally be finished.

Additionally, if you’re considering putting your house on the market and your cabinets look a bit tired, cabinet refacing can greatly increase your chances of selling quickly.

How long does cabinet refacing take?

Not long at all! The cabinet refacing process is much quicker than a full renovation. The average project can be completed in 2-5 days.

Does cabinet refacing cost as much as new cabinets?

Compared to replacements, cabinet refacing can save you 40-50% on average.

Is there any reason my cabinets would be ineligible for refacing?

If your cabinets are too damaged for us to reface, we’ll suggest a number of other options. No matter how you decide to move forward, though, our consultations are always 100% free.

How much does a custom consultation cost?

Nothing! Our in-home consultations are 100% free.

What can I expect from an in-home consultation?

One of our skilled technicians will assess your space to determine what options will work best for you. Then we’ll sit down and determine which option aligns best with your design goals. After that, we’ll create a timeline and let you know what to expect from the process from start to finish.

How much of a mess can I expect during the refacing process?

There isn’t much dust or debris that occurs during the refacing process, however, you will not be able to use your cabinets for up to 5 days on average.

What is DoveTail construction?

DoveTail construction is considered the longest-lasting drawer-face construction. If quality and longevity are important to you, DoveTail drawers are the way to go.

How long has Built by Design been refacing cabinets?

We’ve been in the cabinet design business for more than 30 years, and have amassed a plethora of unique knowledge and skills. We look forward to applying our expertise to your home project.

Who will be doing the work on my cabinets?

Our installation specialists are highly-trained, certified, and experienced to create the perfect design for you. We have more than 30 years of experience in this industry and are ready to help you design your space!

How do I begin the cabinet refacing process?

Contact us to set up a free consultation today! Call us at (877) 345-0272 or email us at info@builtbydesign-inc.com to schedule your in-home appointment today.

Does refacing mean I have to sacrifice my desired design?

Of course not! Our team of experts will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams. Our in-house team will create a plan that gives you the end result you want, and saves you money without sacrificing design or quality.

What are my color options?

We have a huge variety of color and finish options available. Contact us to schedule an appointment today—we’ll work with you to design a space that matches your desired style and budget.

Where can I find examples of Built by Design’s work?

We’re proud to share examples of our previous projects. Contact us for examples of our work in homes throughout your community. You can also view our online portfolio. If you have any further questions about cost, color options, or time-frame, give us a call!

Call us at 877-345-0272 to set up your free consultation today!