Pre-Finishing PureWood™ Parts in Riverside, CA

Turning a house into a home is all in the details. Your kitchen cabinets are one of the most viewed elements of your home’s interior, and with cabinet refacing, you can create the home of your dreams. Built by Design Cabinets will help you create a kitchen you’ll want to gather in for years to come.

Kitchen cabinet pre-finishing

Built by Design Cabinets is your trusted partner in cabinet refacing. As a longtime member of the Riverside community, we’ve earned the trust of local homeowners through years of quality work and innovative design. Although cabinets might be the last item on your homeowner’s checklist, they are the element that will add the biggest “wow” factor to your home and create inviting, beautiful spaces for your family to enjoy.

Improve your home’s appeal with modern cabinet refacing

New cabinetry can turn a kitchen from outdated and uninspiring to modern, stylish and elegant. The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home where life happens, and memories are made, which is why every detail of your kitchen contributes to the overall feel of the room. At Built by Design Cabinets, we know the importance of a functional, beautiful kitchen, which is why every project we undertake is completely custom to your needs.

Our cabinet refacing experts are trained to utilize the most up-to-date techniques to give your cabinets new life. We can translate your personal style preferences into a design and scheme that fits into your life and injects your personality into the final product. The right cabinets can enhance an entire room, drawing the eye to quality details and dramatically improving the appeal of your Riverside home, which is why we treat each project as an opportunity to create a masterpiece.

We listen to your pre-finishing needs

We begin each project by listening. By understanding your specific needs and requirements, we can create a custom plan for your room and cabinets that will bring your vision to life, all within your budget. Using our custom PureWood pre-finishing process, our experienced craftsmen can create quality hardwood doors or drawer fronts in-house. Our PureWood pieces are built to fit your exact specifications, and once installed, will give your room an entirely new look and feel.

We’re more than just kitchens

And because you may have cabinets throughout your house, we don’t stop at the kitchen. Updated bathroom cabinets can have a transformative effect on both your family and your guests. Our PureWood prefinished cabinet elements can be easily installed into your bathroom, giving the entire room an impressive new aesthetic. Whether cabinets are the last step on a bathroom refinishing project or you’ve yet to get started, our experts can help guide you to the right style and material for functional and complementary cabinets that will last as long as you own your home.

Whether you need updated kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, selecting the right style, cut, and finish can make all the difference. Our designers use their years of experience to ensure your visions are brought to life. Built by Design Cabinets is your Riverside, CA, partner in this process, because as homeowners ourselves, we know the true impact that upgraded cabinetry can have on the enjoyment of the home. Details matter to us just as much as they matter to you.

Contact us today to begin designing your ideal kitchen.