Quality Cabinet Refacing in Riverside, CA

You might think a complete kitchen renovation is time consuming, costly, and stressful—but it doesn’t have to be! At Built by Design Cabinets, we use 100% real wood to create your dream space, and save you time and money in the process.

Built by Design Cabinets will take your timeworn or damaged kitchen cabinets and reface them for a completely refreshed look. In less than a week’s time, your kitchen cabinets will look and feel brand new, for nearly half of the cost of brand new cabinets.

The Refacing Process

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The process for redesigning your kitchen cabinets is simple.

  1. Remove: The first step to creating your dream kitchen is to remove all of your existing timeworn doors, drawer fronts, and drawer boxes from your cabinet unit.
  2. Reface: Once the doors and drawers are removed, we inspect your existing cabinet framework and boxes for needed repairs. Our skilled craftsmen will repair any damage before covering the exposed frames with a layer of veneer. Our veneer options will be perfectly matched to your chosen door color and style, so the end result looks plucked from the design room floor.
  3. Replace: The final step is to replace the old doors and drawers with brand new components. This is where the real updated options come into play. Choose from a variety of drawer boxes, fronts, gliders, hinges, handles, and knobs.

The benefits of cabinet refacing


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On average, Cabinet Refacing takes approximately 2-5 days to complete.


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By choosing cabinet refacing, you save 40-50% the cost of custom cabinet instillation.


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Refacing helps reduce landfill waste by reusing cabinetry. We also take care of disposing your old cabinet doors and drawers.

Premium cabinet refacing options

Refacing your existing cabinets doesn’t mean compromising your dream design or settling for lower-quality construction. Built by Design provides a plethora of premium options for your custom kitchen needs.


PureWoodTM cabinet doors and drawer fronts are built to your exact specifications and are made with the highest quality hardwoods available on the market.


For those who want the longest-lasting craftsmanship available today, only DoveTailed construction will do. DoveTailed craftsmanship will stand up to decades of wear and tear.


PureWood™ parts pre-finished- including Naturals, Stains and Paints.

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